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Faye & Steve's Apple Pie

I do not know how many of you have had Mom & Dad's Apple Pie, but it's AMAZING. As a Christmas present for their grandchildren a few years ago we made an image of them making the pie. I set up my lighting and clicked along as they worked and talked away. I loved every minute of making this and we and our kids cherish the final image too.This has meant so much to all of us and I hope it inspires you to capture memories of your loved ones. Hope all of you enjoy! Have a great day.

Apple Pie

Dad loved working with the apple peeler from Lehman's as well as letting Mom know what the next step should be. Mom let me know the design on the top for venting was her Mothers and that she would not change it. This recipe brings back many memories for all of us. I hope you have something like this to look at and smile too. Enjoy!





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