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So many things to leave me in awe and know those little things in every day life that make you step back, take a moment to just enjoy the sight, or make a good belly laugh (which we all need daily), or just plain say "Hmmmmmm...."

Yes, I do drive my family crazy with my camera...but, don't all proud family members want to cherish those moments forever??

Sailboat in Maine
50 Years of Togetherness
Bernadotte Bridge
Bud Pushing Sheep Out
Passion of a Chef
Fishing in Tennessee
Civil War Reenactors
C Walking Tree
Bernadotte Fishing
Hayfield Button
Evening Storm
Gander Protecting
Eagles on Emiquon
Fulton County Courthouse
Geese Sunset
Lady Liberty Morning
Fall Pond
Curious Turkeys
Cave 2
Pair of Geese in Opening in Ice
Pawpaw Windmills
Sunbathing on the Farm
Harbor Buildings
Old Barns 1
New York
Maine Islands
Sunset in Maine
Boats in the Harbor
Central Park 1