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Waiting on better days...

We are impatiently waiting on better least I have my seed catalogs to keep me busy...

The seed catalogs that I have in as of now are:

Goodwood, ON LOC 1A0

NicholsGarden Nursery
1190 Old Salem Road NE
Albany, Oregon 97321-4580

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds
2278 Baker Creek Road
Mansfield, MO

My targets are heirloom seeds, herbs, garden favorites and fun flowers. Bakers Creek has a great catalog out on news stands now titled "The Whole Seed Catalog" and it has so many fun new plants as well as information regarding seed saving.

My Mom has always had the most beautiful gardens. She gave the credit to the sheep manure (I personally gave the credit to her for the patience and persistance). She and Dad have always been an inspiration to me in so many ways.

I have to laugh thinking back when Dad turned about 70. He sit down at the table, obviously disgusted, shook his head and stated "I just can't do it." I asked what was wrong. He replied, "I just cleaned out the sheep barn (about 30 head of sheep), loaded it into the manure spreader, brought it over, spread it on the garden and tilled it in with my troy built tiller, and I am just plain tired." Yep...Not much to do there except let my mouth drop...and think "Dear God, please let me be this able and strong when I am 70..."

Mom & Dad and 50 years of Togetherness

Mom & Dad

They had just cleaned the barn, and sit under the apple tree for a spell. Mom & Dad would tease each other with the song lyrics - Just don't sit under the apple tree with anybody but me. This was taken a few months before their 50th Anniversary.


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