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Border Collies

Lucy (at 4 months old) has things under control for now...
Lucy watching over the sheep...I am sure she is really wondering to herself "I am supposed to do what with these? Are they serious?"
Lucy & Desi  


No YOU let go...I will NOT...You let go...I found it first...I am taking it to her...LET GO... I swear it is just like kids.
Lucy & Desi

Just like kids, they pout when scolded. There is no need to raise my voice (just like kids), just deepen my voice into the quiet scolding sound. Just is too much for them to handle...THEY have upset ME...and are DEVASTATED. They are my daily joy and I love them to pieces.

When the time is right we hope to have little Lucy & Desi's. I can't wait. But, as with all nature, we must be patient.

Doesn't that look just melt you? It does me. Desi is just a sweetie (and he knows it).


I love my Border Collies. They are so amazing to work with daily.


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