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Kids Ideas| Small Group Ideas | October 2013
As a Mom, I always looked for things to keep my kids entertained and grow creatively. Our budget was tight as many of yours and I tried to find ideas from simple items that were easy to obtain and I could replace easily as pieces were lost.



Small Group Ideas


3rd grade and up

We collected clean cans with the lids removed as well as all rough edges, all kinds of odds and ends (various sized cans from tuna to coffee, baling wire, screws, nuts, bolts, cut pieces of pvc pipes, lids) that equaled enough for roughly 2 grocery bags of oddities. We gave 2 similar bags to each participant with the instructions to take these home and within 2 weeks design something artistic or usable from the items. It was amazing what each created and just as much fun to hear them tell how they accepted the challenge and beat it.

Sock Puppets

4 years and up
Bag of White Tube Socks
Yarns, buttons, felt, markers, age appropriate items, etc...

For a group I used this for 7-8 year old scouts. I purchased a package of new white tube socks and gave one out for each participant. I brought colored yarn, markers, buttons, felt, etc. to attach. I displayed how to place your hand inside the sock with fingertips at the area for toes and how to crook my thumb to make a moving mouth. We then all designed our own sock.

The second week we wrote a play to put on with the puppets for the preschool with a message of not to bully and how to react to bullying.

The third week we placed a folding table on its side, had the puppeteers sit behind it, and put on a show for the preschool. Some years after the show, I caught one of the kids talking about it in high school...I guess it was not that bad...

Coffee Can Stilts

2 coffee cans (metal) per participant
Soft rope long enough for each participant to hold in thier hands and loop through 2 holes made in the coffee can (one on each side of the side panel/bottom.

Thread the rope through the two holes on the side of the coffee can and tie at the ends. I punched the holes in the cans with a can opener that leaves the trianular opening. The participant places their feet on the bottom of the can and put the top of the can on the ground. They then walk on the top of the cans pulling up with the ropes to make the steps.

I hope to post many more ideas for everyone to enjoy. If you have any ideas to add, please share them with the rest of us by sending them to Thank you in advance for sharing.


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