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Canton Downtown


The Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive Associates invite you to come to Fulton County, Illinois and enjoy the natural wonders of the Spoon River Valley. The Spoon River, which starts at Medina, has carved a wide scenic valley through Fulton County as it flows from London Mills to the south and east where it joins the Illinois River near the southeastern corner of the county. Fulton County offers unusual beauty of the colors throughout the Spoon River Valley, which inspired founders to hold the first Fall Festival and to organize the Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive. The Scenic Drive’s Fall Festival has been held each year during the first two full weekends of October ┬ásince 1968.

Beautiful scenery may be viewed while visiting Fulton County as well as the surrounding communities during the Annual Fall Festival. The entire Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive covers 140 driven miles. We welcome all to see the sights, taste the food, see our history, museums, shops, and more on the Drive and throughout the year.

Please see the tourist page for general rules for all to be able to enjoy our Fall Festival. Remember this is a farming community and the farmers will possibly be working on their harvest.

Have fun and safe travels to all.

Dickson Mounds Museum

The Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive sponsors a Photography Contest annually.
To enter, please submit your photos for the Photography Contest by using the entry form found in the program book or use this link to download and print a form.


Lewistown Marigold Acres

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