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Kids Ideas| Plastic Straw Ideas | October 2013
As a Mom, I always looked for things to keep my kids entertained and grow creatively. Our budget was tight as many of yours and I tried to find ideas from simple items that were easy to obtain and I could replace easily as pieces were lost.



Plastic Straw Ideas


Make designs by glueing straws to a surface (poster board) with a homemade paste made of flour and water. Add more interest with items that you have around, napkins, tissue paper, dried seeds, dried pasta, etc...just have fun creating.

Squeeze the ends of straws to fit together or fasten with tape, staples (depending on age), or glue. Create designs by bending, binding, glueing, etc.

Paint with straws by placing a bit of paint on a surface such as butchers paper and blowing through the straw to push the tempura paint or using the straw as a writing instrument (don't forget rolling).

Cut straws into 1" pieces. Get a length desirable for threading the straw pieces onto. This is good for little ones to learn to work with their fingers. Be careful with the weight of the string, make sure it is something that will break easy (if they make a necklace or bracelet) so they cannot get hurt on it. To add color also use dried macaroni, let your little ones color on it with markers (or tempura paint) that wash off easily.

Games with straws:

Table hockey: Opponents sit across from each other. More opponents-more fun. Have a light weight piece of paper rolled into a ball. Use straws to blow the "ball" through a goal in front of each opponent. The goals may be marked off with tape or just the body of each individual. No getting up out of your seats to move the can only be moved from blowing through the straw.

In the cup: Have a cup on the ground not too tall. The object is to have the straw hit the ground and bounce into the cup.

Pick Up Straws. Just like pick up sticks only with straws. Put 10 on the floor closely together, one on top of another. Pick them up one at a time without disturbing the others. Once you disturb any other straw beyond the one you are trying to pick up the play then moves onto the next player.

Can you think of any more games? Let me know.

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