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Orange/Banana Smoothie | December 2013

Who does not love smoothies?! This Orange Smoothie is one of those great drinks for year around. Notice the ingredients...NO SUGAR...and our kids loved it and could not get enough!!!



1/2 (12 oz.) can frozen orange juice
1 banana
1 cup water
1 cup milk, or substitute plain yogurt for the milk
1 -2 cups ice cubes, smashed to make it easier on your blender
1 tsp vanilla


Place all in a blender. Whir to your desired consistency.

The original recipe called for quite a bit of sugar...but our kids never noticed that it was....oooops...forgotten...

We also experimented with different fruits and frozen fruit drinks in our freezer section but, this one is the choice of our family. Have fun...let me know what flavors YOU come up with.


Let me know what you think, what would you like or would change within this recipe? Send your thoughts or recipe requests to Thank you.

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