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Cream Cheese Omelet | April 2015

Yummmmmm...Cream Cheese Omelets & Sauteed Asparagus. We found this Heavenly egg dish downtown Chicago several years ago and absolutely fell in love! I have 2 small asparagus beds in my garden and cannot get enough, many times I have it eaten before I get into the house.


Simply make your omelet (this omelet is two eggs and 2 teaspoons of cream, whisked. Pour into a small skillet over low heat that has 1 teaspoon melted butter and cover the skillet with a lid. The eggs will puff up when cooked through, flip if necessary) and just before pulling it off the heat, put your desired amount of cream cheese on top to soften. Fold the omelet in half when putting it on the plate. The Asparagus was sauteed about 30 seconds with 1 teaspoon of butter.      


Cream Cheese Omelet & Sauteed Asparagus                              





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