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Avgolemono Soup (Greek Egg & Lemon)| November 2013

My grandmother and father always said this soup kept my grandfather alive one year when he had become extremely ill. You really cannot ask for a better flavored soup that is loaded with chicken broth (all grandmas will tell you this will cure all illnesses), protein, rice & citrus. My daughter Lisa and I can never get enough and love it all year around. I have found that it's a great place to use a rotisserie chicken with its juices. The Fresh Market has a White Wine Rotisserie Chicken that is excellent and our personal favorite is using leftover turkey/turkey broth. This soup really pulls together very quickly after the ingredients have been diced, juiced, etc...and the broth heated.


Avgolemono Soup

(Greek Egg & Lemon)

 Avgolemono Soup                          

1 whole chicken, or 1 Rotisserie chicken, or leftover turkey and broth
Chicken soup base (or bouillon) and/or chicken broth, if necessary
4 - 5 cups cooked rice, judge by how thick you like your soup
4 - 6 eggs
Finely sliced green onion
Shredded carrot
1 - 2 lemons
Salt and pepper to taste

Avgolemono Soup 1

1. Simmer the whole chicken until completely cooked (almost falling off the bone) in water.

Straining the broth    My sweet hubby stepped in to help...

2. Remove all the meat from the bones of the chicken and dice, reserve and strain the broth. We rendered the broth using a strainer lined with a coffee filter. Check your broth if it is light colored and not rich in flavor, add chicken base and possibly chicken broth from a can.

If you are using a Rotisserie chicken, reserve the broth and remove all the meat from the bones and dice. If you are using leftover turkey, reserve the broth and remove all the meat from the bones and dice.

3. Cook the rice according to package directions.

4. Juice the lemons.

5. Return the strained broth back to the pan to medium heat. I usually watch for it to start steaming before beginning the next step.

Avgolemono Soup 2

6. Beat 4 - 6 eggs in a medium sized bowl placed on a damp kitchen towel (to keep the bowl from sliding). Temper the eggs with the hot broth whisking continually and drizzling a small amount into the eggs until the egg temperature has gradually been brought up to the hot broth temperature. 

If you pour the hot liquid in too fast, the egg whites will cook and you will see small amounts of them through the broth. You will still be able to eat the will just not be the same consistency. Keep patient. Do not have the heat to the pan too will be too difficult to control.

7. Now add the rice and diced meat back into the remaining broth mixture.

Avgolomono Soup 4

8. Now whisking the remaining broth in the pan, gradually pour the hot egg/broth mixture back into the broth/meat/rice. Keep whisking/stirring...

Avgolomono Soup 5

9. Bring your soup temperature up to at least 170˚...keep whisking/stirring...

Avgolomono Soup 6

10. I add the juice of 1 lemon to the soup while whisking and then serve the rest at the table. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Avgolomono Soup

Serve hot.

This soup freezes well. If you microwave it, just check and stir it often to keep it smooth.


Let me know what you think, what would you like or would change within this recipe? Send your thoughts or recipe requests to Thank you.

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