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I do not know how many of you have had Mom & Dad's Apple Pie, but it's AMAZING. As a Christmas present for their grandchildren a few years ago we made an image of them making the pie. I set up my lighting and clicked along as they worked and talked away. I loved every minute of making this and we and our kids cherish the final image too.This has meant so much to all of us and I hope it inspires you to capture memories of your loved ones. Hope all of you enjoy! Have a great day.

Apple Pie



I enjoy Spring and can't help but smile with all the critters and nature awakening. I hope you are able to get out often and enjoy our amazing world too.

Can you imagine traveling with this group? I can hear it now...Stop touching me! Are we there yet? I gotta go! I am hungry! I don't wanna sit by you! They won't share! I don't wanna go with this way! Mooooommmmmm (whiny)...Luckily our kids were all great travelers. Enjoy!

Taken May 27, 2015 Fulton County, Illinois

Back Seat Drivers Goslings

Taken May 18, 2015, Bakers Creek Nursery, Mansfield, Missouri




My sweet hubby and I are still on our quest to take one for the team by checking out new restaurants and finding or creating recipes to share with all...I know a difficult chore...but someone has to do it...right??? Please don't tell me that this is not a necessary function in life...We are really having a great time with it. Let me know of unique places to try that you enjoy by using the contact us page.

I let Mom know that she and my sweet hubby are prop finders/food testors (I know, such a difficult job for them). My sweet hubby has been a diabetic for over 25 years so you will notice very few sweets or fried foods in our diet.

The meals that I have prepared for my parents are small diced and softened, Dad's weight declined rapidly and he was unable to use his dentures, so our meals stayed full of flavor, but yet accomodated him (I found that he loved the Shepherd's Pie). Mom & Dad both loved to go out to restaurants and I tried to make meals fun and new for them. So many things that I prepared have not made this site yet, but will in the future. Hopefully these will help others caring for their parents/loved ones.

Recent Travels

At the moment, our travel time has been brought to a standstill...We would really love to hear about all of your experiences to share with everyone. I would love to put up readers day/weekend/extended trips so that others could see if they would enjoy making that journey. If you have a favorite Bed & Breakfast, hotel, restaurant, festival, or attraction to share - drop me an email and let me know why it should be posted.

Farm Life

So many things to say regarding living on a farm. Hmmmmm....where to start! As I write this, the theme song for Green Acres is running through my mind..."Land spreading out so far and wide, keep Manhatten just give me that countryside"...yep that sums it all up for me! I have been to Manhatten and do enjoy the visit but, I am ready to come home.

The Farm Life page incorporate thoughts/ideas/self help projects regarding living on a hobby farm. As always send in ideas that are working for you or questions for others to answer.

Fun Ideas

We have enjoyed so much with our own children and now grandchildren, and we thought this page would be devoted to inexpensive entertainment for all. Hopefully everyone will send in their fun ideas too. We love homemade games and toys that are safe and well enjoyed by all.

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My sweet hubby and I are two peas in a pod. One of our favorite things in visiting new areas is being able to find the unique places to eat. If you have any suggestions please let us know.

Arnett's Acres

Spoon River Valley Scenic Drive

Nut Strudel Cookies

Strawberry Souffle from Lydia Johnson Inn, Hermann, MO

Thank you for visiting Arnett's Acres. Come on back and visit anytime. We love having you!

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